ELDEN RING – Tips for Those Who Stuck

Useful Tips for Beginners

  • Go in a different direction and come back later. Mark the area where you’re stuck at on the map with an icon to remind you to go back there. I use the sword icon to let me know there’s still fighting/exploring to do at that grace.
  • Simply exploring a different area can help make leveling up not feel like a grind, since you’re progressing and finding random stuff.
  • Summon some help. There’s always a decent chance you summon someone that’s just hella strong.
  • Level Vigor and endurance first.
  • Only go for the minimal required damage stats to actually be able to use the weapons you want to as they wont have any decent scaling at your lower level and is going to get more from just raw upgrades- so save the damaging stats for later. Ya know for when the weapons actually begin to scale later on in the game.
  • Once you have sufficient Vigor/Endurance/Mind for your build, then you work on everything else.

Important note

When you always explore everything in every area you are easily op for most bosses until endgame.

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