ELDEN RING – All Dungeons Locations

Catacombs, tunnels, and caves. Elden Ring has a number of ominous dungeons which one might explore in order to find hidden wealth.

There are up to 51 dungeons at Elden Ring. There is a boss in each of them that either guards or drops a piece of gear.


(9 Dungeons)

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Weeping Peninsula

(5 Dungeons)

Liurnia Of The Lake

(8 Dungeons)


(9 Dungeons)

Altus Plateau

(7 Dungeons)

Mt. Gelmir

(4 Dungeons)

Altus Plateau – Capital Outskirts

(2 Dungeons)

Mountaintops of the Giants

(3 Dungeons)

Consecrated Snowfield

(4 Dungeons)

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