Bloons TD 6 – How to Beat Bosses

This tips will help you to get more trophies.

Tips for Preparing to Defeat Bosses

To beat bosses, you need quite a bit of money, which for the first 40 rounds that you need to get by on as little defense as possible.

Start with Geraldo or Ben, if they’re enabled. If you have Ben, get him as early as possible. If you have Geraldo, place the action figure as early as possible.

Build up 5 or 6 200 farms, while not purchasing much defense. Building into a 200 boomer could be a good option for this boss, but only buy those upgrades when you need to, because otherwise you’re just delaying your farms.

Make sure you budget space for a village in the middle of those farms, because you can buy a 002 village in range of as many farms as possible to make your farms cheaper. After you have your 200 farms, start upgrading them to marketplaces, starting with the discounted ones. At around round 30-32, sell your action figure if you have Geraldo so you can get more farms.

At this point, buying a 014 bloon trap is a good option, because the 30’s give a lot of cash. Target the trap as far forward as possible to avoid the engi popping bloons that would’ve otherwise gone into the trap.

Through all of this, it’s okay to lose a few lives, such as the camo bloon on round 24, or other random leaks. The lives are there to work with.

To beat tier 1, you can sell a few marketplaces to get up a sticky bomb and an overdrive+alchbuff, which should handle fairly well.

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