Osiris: New Dawn – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

In BTSE 0.5.614 the dev console was re-added. It is not as full featured as it was before, but but does still work for some things.

How to Enable Console (Dev Mode)

The key to access the dev console is /

Console Commands (Cheats)

  • Destroy – Destroying one of your droids or vehicles.
  • Summon – Summoning one of you droids or vehicles to your location.
  • Spawn – Spawning a new droid, vehicle, or item.

The console commands below may no longer work:

  • Teleport – Teleport forward 10 meters, or back to spawn (in case of getting stuck).
  • Teleport “x,y” – Teleport to coordinates.
  • Godmode – No death!
  • NoNeeds – No air, food, water needs.
  • NoReqs – No material requirements.
  • FastBuild – Fast build.

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