ELDEN RING – How to Defeat Margit Boss

Depending on how you count there’s about 40 bosses you can fight as your first boss. Margit is the first big challenge but there’s plenty of easier bosses.

Tips to Beat Margit

  • Go somewhere else first, get a bit of experience with the mechanics. Margit is really hard, probably harder than the real boss of the castle he’s guarding. Go clear out some catacombs or something first as a warmup
  • Use spirit summons. The game is balanced around you having a distraction for the bosses (if you can’t use them yet, check back at Church of Elleh and see if you forgot to talk to somebody‚Ķ).
  • Use a big weapon (or a greatshield) and do jump attacks / heavy attacks when you get a chance and you’ll stagger him in a couple of hits.
  • He’s weak to fire and bleed damage so if you can get access to that somehow (e.g. find the crafting recipe for Blood Grease or Fire Grease, find/buy a lacerating weapon, etc) you’ll have an easier time.

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