Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Post-Game FAQ (Spoilers)

How the Unmoored World Works

By Dogfoodtaco

I know a lot of you are a bit confused about how the Unmoored World works, so, here is a post that should answer the majority of questions you have about it.

Will my port crystals remain where they are placed when I go into it?

Yep. But Sacred Arbor, Volcano Island and the Shrine gain permanent ones during it.

Should I stock up on food and Medusa heads for it?

Nope. Everything you have that can spoil, will spoil. Even if it’s in storage, including Medusa heads.

How does time work in the Unmoored World?

Good question: It’s a bit complicated. When you first start in the Unmoored World you have exactly 3 days before everything goes to butt. You can extend this timer by killing certain enemies (which the pawns will comment on afterwards) and doing the beacons. Depending on how you killed Talos, you can have up to 5 beacons to do (which is good, since each beacon boss gives 90-200 WLC depending on the amount of thieves you have). You can extend your stay up to a maximum of 12 days.

Problem with time in the post-game is, it doesn’t follow normal rules anymore. You are no longer allowed to camp, only resting at your house or an inn. But once the in-game clock hits 11:59pm of any given day, it pauses and won’t move to the next day until you rest. So you effectively have 11 rests to use as you want, instead of just 12 days. Despite the fact the timer is paused, food and Medusa heads will still rot as normal.

Does the Unmoored World have any exclusive enemy drops?

Sorta. Enemies now have a decent chance to drop ferrystones, now, but every monster part you can get in it, you could get before then even Eldricite. The Dragonforged now sells really good end-game armor and weapons, for 70-110 WLC, at least. In ng+ he gains even more options

What order do I do the beacons?

Any, just do the beacon at the shrine last. That one boots you to NG+.

Okay, if resting progresses the timer, how do I reset the loss gauge for me and my pawns?

For your pawns, your only option to fix their loss gauge is just to resummon them. For you, you have 3 options aside from resting. You can consume an All-Heal potion, which resets the loss gauge. You can die and use a Wakestone, which also does that. Or, funnily enough, you can consume a Partcrystal, which works the same way as an All-Heal potion, just way heavier. The trick where you change vocation to reset the loss gauge does not work in the Unmoored World.

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