STAR WARS Rebellion – How to Get Started

Useful Tips on How to Get Started

Three key things to do in the very early game are:

  1. Build up your construction yards (both building new ones and identifying neutral planets you can sway to your cause).
  2. Use your main characters to recruit as many personnel as you can (Rebels have an advantage here).
  3. Build agents with your training facilities rather than troops unless you really have to.

The last two are key, as successfully executing missions, particularly espionage and sabotage, allows you to carry out an initial hybrid war to contain the enemy while you build up. When you’re learning though I’d just focus on trying to build and getting as many personnel with good diplomacy as you can to sway planets to your cause; you can just mess around with most of the rest of the missions unless you’re really behind.

As for specific tips:

Almost exclusively use the fastest and slowest game speeds… Keep the game speed on “Very Slow” when giving orders… Use the message filters on R2-D2 or SD-7 to avoid being notified about anything not a priority… and always ensure you’ve given orders to everything; then accelerate to “Fast” game speed, until notified of a priority

Complementary to the above, to the degree practical and economical design your orders particularly for manufacturing so they’ll take similar time periods to complete – this leads to natural ‘batching’ of orders…and if done well makes the whole galaxy much more manageable as well as greatly accelerating progress through the game in terms of real time v. game time… and considering Rebellion truly shines at its best in epic multi-thousands-of-days matches, this arguably could be the best way to maximize your enjoyment (This is also particularly important in Head-to-Head matches!)

In the beginning, 3M = Maintenance, Manufacturing, Missions:

Maintenance: Immediately check “Galaxy Status”…are you limited by refineries or mines? is your maintenance utilization >20%, >40%, >60% >80%, or greater than 80%? Is there anything unnecessary? Scrap! once you’ve reclaimed what maintenance you can, and are an informed leader in regards to your maintenance capacity.

Manufacturing: Build! Set your Galactic Information display for “Idle Training Facilities” then “Idle Construction Yards”, and finally “Idle Ship Yards”, ensuring all of them either build, are reserved or get scrapped”.

Missions: Recruit! Use the Personnel Finder or/and set your Galactic Information display to “Idle Personnel” and locate your Major Characters 1st, R&D personnel 2nd and everybody else 3rd, keeping nobody idle – they all should either be “On Mission”, or ‘Enroute’ to a new Mission Base from which to be deployed “On Mission”.

Get Organized: Rally fleets in a logistically-sensible and strategically-informed manner… don’t overextend your forces… keep your human opponent confused as to your strength and intentions or be patient and strike your processor only after you’ve gathered sufficient force to sustain an operation, following through to an endstate acceptable to you, the commander-in-chief, based on the objectives you define… whether that be securing just 1 system or capturing 1 whole sector.

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