Dragon’s Dogma 2 – How to Avoid Being Attacked while Camping

You have the trickster augment but wasn’t sure if using a specific camp gear or any other tricks made a difference? Here’s the trick!

Trick to Avoiding Getting Attacked while Camping

Elite Camping Kit!

(Been attacked 1 time in 200 hours playtime).

Any enemies in short range increase the chance of being attacked, make sure to kill anything nerby. When you’re farming drakes It’s better to just rest or doze off in harve for a week, Kill 3 drakes nerby, repeat and reload the game.

Reloading the game helps placing them in the world after their corpse decay / respawn timer pops, I usually Kill 3 and run through cave to dragonforged to get 3 ferrystones, not sure but story progression might affect it, pre coronation was inconsistent, not to mention the 2 drakes past harve one have at least 2 spawn points.

When you’re camping at campsites, you can do a few cool things:

  • Chill in the Tent: Mess with your skills, skip time till morning or night, and get all your health back.
  • Cook: Grill up some meat you found to get a temporary boost.
  • Chat with your crew: Talk to your Pawns and any NPCs you’re traveling with.
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