Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Dullahan Spawn Locations

Where to Find Dullahan

Known and Verified Locations:

  • Bridge at the Cliffside Cave north-west of Bay Wayside Shrine.
  • The path leading to Drabnir’s Grotto.
  • Malachite Forest, just south of Arbor Bridge.
  • Somewhere along the path between the Borderwatch Outpost and Ultramarine Waterfall.
  • On the curve between the two mouths of the Cavern of the Forsaken.
  • One in the area of Indigent Bedlands and Frightful Hollow but can’t remember where exactly.

Other Locations:

These are most locations I’ve been farming the dullahan from during the dawn time (I usually sleep at the first camp and then sit on the bench once. After that you will have allot of time to get to the points. Area 4 is very rare to find the Dullahan):

More Confirmed Spots:

Spot #1

Spot #2

Spot #3

Only spawns on this bridge when the path is cleared to the Nameless Village.

Spot #4

North of Borderwatch Outpost/Encampment.

Spot #5

South of Sacred Arbor, definitely around dawn – have had no luck with any Dullahan appearing earlier at night than that.

Best Farming Method

I have also been testing save and reload to little positive results. But I have had some sucess in a spawn using something called the ‘Footsteps’ method.

Along with the expected prerequisites for spawning (before dawn, at set locations) I have also tested and confirmed the following:

  • You must have at least completed the “monster culling” quest.

The “Footsteps” method is when a player crosses over an absent (but expected) Dullahan spawn point on the map, then walks/runs beyond the spawn point so that the footsteps (or dots) on the mini map have disappeared from where the Dullahan was expected to spawn. The player can then turn around and return to that spawn point, and as long as it’s still just before daybreak the chances of a Dullahan appearing at the location is very likely.

Note: The footsteps method is how I’ve been able to consistently get the Borderwatch Outpost Dullahan to appear (run almost all the way to the waterfall cave, then return back and he should appear with some consistency) at the water’s edge in the dip of the road.

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