Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Best Farm Method for Wyrmslife Crystal

Wyrmslife Crystal Farming

Best method of farming them would be to have a thief or two in your party with the stealing skill, as they can usually grab 20 – 35 more with the skill. Other than that you can access the Dragonforged items in NG+ once you get back to the Dragonforged in the seaside cave.

Once you’ve killed the lesser drakes and unmoored dragons along with the evacuations that’s pretty much it for Wyrmslife Crystals iirc until you’re in NG+.

Alternative Method

The best way, except unmoored world, is:

  • Change vocation to “thief”
  • Equip skills: Plunder (or Pilfer if low lvl), and open passive Bump and Lift
  • Equip daggers with very low dmg
  • Attack the Dragon with normal attacks until its stunned.

When its stunned – use plunder/pilfer.

Preferable point for this activity: volcanic island. Start at Inn, run to the dragon. Kill. Back to the inn – sleep for 4 days – repeat.

In such way you could get ~300+ WLC per hour.

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  1. So I found a new method and was able to get all my crystals.

    – Get warfarer and have mystick archer sleep and their plunder
    – Find a dragon with camp fire nearby ( I used volcano island)
    – Put dragon to sleep
    – Run to camp fire and open camp
    – Leave camp without resting and repeat above

  2. As far as I know Lesser Dragons don’t respawn in UMW and the time it takes Drakes to respawn in the UMW makes it difficult to farm with the limited amount of rests. I assume you are trying to buy everything the dragonforge sells? I would recommend just killing every drake/lesser dragon you can find and then continue to ng+. The dragon forge will sell all his umw weapons and armor in ng+.

  3. if im farming WLC i dont use plunder, I do magick archer then do 3/4 hp 1 shot then go to inn sleep 1 day then go to bench spam doze off for 3 nights then go to drake and 1 shot rinse repeat.

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