Darkest Dungeon II – How to Force 21:9 (for Ultrawide Users)

By default the game comes with black bars on the side, but it does support 21:9, even though it doesn’t let you chose it. This is how you can force it to run on UW resolution, in my case 3440×1440.

Guide to Force 21:9 for Ultrawide


  • You need to go into Settings> Graphics>change to Window>select 3840×2160 (or highest resolution that it lets you).
  • Click Update and then click Keep Settings.
  • Then switch back to Fullscreen Window and click the Update button once again.
  • Everything should then be set to the monitor’s default resolution with no stretching.

Important note

Unfortunately once you exit and re-enter game, it’s back and you need to do it again! I hope they will add proper support for 21:9.

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