Darkest Dungeon II – Act 2 Advice (Team: Plague Doctor, Jester, Flagellant and Leper)

How to Win Grand Slam


Will be a bit of a gamble for this team but doable with good preparation. Get the rabbit, do as many Foetors as possible and get the baby head for +50% hp. Have healing items on 2-3 characters and on 1-2 offensive items. Blind clear item on Leper is pretty solid here since the boss blinds too. If you run a Tempest get 2 mov res poultices along the way for the Leper (or a move res trinket). 2 speed poultices on the Leper or other speed buffs would be great too so he goes before the Flag.

The Fight

Here’s the gamble part. You will have a ton of dot dmg on the boss which is great because once you hit the double lung phase it shouldn’t take long until he’s down so stack as much dot on him as possible. Using as many of your actions on boss dmg is very, very crucial. You want to aim for a 4 turn kill (ideally 3). If you have to take a single lung breaths that’s fine but prevent the front lung from a double breath. Your Leper is key for this so it’s paramount to have high move res so he doesn’t get knockbacked. Open with Withstand if you missing a bit of move res.

Character Tasks

  • Jester: Encore Alchemist – Solo the boss – Finale (back lung if inflated otherwise the boss).
  • Alchemist: Noxious Blasts on the boss unless the Finale low rolled then grenade for help.
  • Leper: Chop the front lung if inflated otherwise Chop the boss.
  • Flag: Back-up helper for front/back lung in case Finale/Chop low-rolled. Otherwise dmg on the boss.
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