Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game – Tips to Win As Poland

This tips will help you stand against Germany with your little Poland (1933 start).

Strategy Tips

Historical Poland (not cheesing the game by attacking Germany before 1939) is very hard.

There are some tactics to beat them though.

One of them is building Forts in Warsaw and nearby provinces behind river and holding that line until GER/SOV starts collapsing. You can’t win by playing “normally” (GER will always outproduce you).

If you want this easy cheesy game, turn fascist by increasing authoritarianism (easy to do with Poland since they start Paternal Autocrat) and declare war on Germany as soon as possible. After that, turn democratic, join allies and wait for Soviet attack, With French armies on your side and German IC now serving you, it should be possible to beat the Soviets.

General Tip

If your IC (industrial capacity) is higher than your ally/puppet IC, you can take Military Control of their armies, which is a very powerful thing in this game.

Remember that this game is more historical than Hoi4; so I recommend playing nations like Germany, Soviet Union or Italy. You can’t conquer the world as Bhutan like in Hoi4.

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