Cyberpunk 2077 – Tips for Stealth (Update 2.0)

Tips for Those Who Are Having Difficulty with Stealth

Since the update I’ve always asked myself, what’s the damage of my pistol? I could kill everyone with 1 shot to the head and now I can’t kill anyone?

Well, here are some tips on how to have more fluid gameplay when playing in stealth :evelyn2077:

  1. The “meta” really lies in your cyberware upgrades, so always read and make a point of filling in the gaps with items that will really make a difference in your gameplay.
  2. That said, always have updates that will do stealth damage/critical damage/head damage to your cyber software. (makes a lot of difference)
  3. Always choose the weapon that will have the highest chance of head damage multiplier. for example, Jackie’s “La Chingona Dorada” pistol (which I like to use stealthily lately)
  4. No matter how small it may be, the status of the accessories you put on the weapon is very, very important, 3% critical damage from your silencer makes a lot of difference, so always try to use accessories that amplify your damage according to your game

And this goes for all types of playstyles, whether you want to use a Katana, use items that will amplify your melee attributes, etc.

I hope this could be helpful to someone in some way.

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  1. I recommend using the “Bait” Cyberware, too.
    Else I’m headshotting the gonks with a throwable knife and off them with the pistol if the knife didn’t do the trick (or slash them with the sword). There’s a skill (gag something) that allows to finish off triggered enemies before their buddies get alerted.
    That works for 1-2 HP bar enemies. Skull (3 bar enemies) I suggested grabbing and killing them (lure them away to a more suitable location if needed)

  2. Also- at 15 or higher Cool, throwing knives are hilariously good for stealth kills. With a Sandevistan, you can kill 5 people before any of them know you’re there.

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