Cyberpunk 2077 – Update 2.0 Tips

Useful Tips for Update 2.0

Quick Tips

  • Saves prior to 2.0 are currently broken, especially if you’ve completed the game on that save. Cyberware will remain on your body even if you remove them, some people report that they can’t add or remove them at all, others are having issues with their wardrobes, etc. It’s clear CDPR wants you to start a new game.
  • You can no longer purchase components. They can be gathered via hacking stuff, finding them around the world, or disassembling weapons and gear (you get whatever tiered component based on the tier of the item you’re disassembling).
  • You can now buy cars from either the AutoFixer terminals on site or through your computer at your apartment(s).
  • You can upgrade and craft items now under your inventory (it’s no longer a separate menu tab). Upgrading is pretty straight forward, you need X of whatever tier component to upgrade your gear to that tier.
  • Regarding component farming, I have found more success doing the following: don’t disassemble weapons, sell them. You can disassemble clothes to your heart’s content because they’re automatically saved to your wardrobe once you own them and they don’t add stats and they sell for hardly anything. Weapons on the other hand can be sold for quite a bit and I have found the money grind to be rather tedious since 2.0.

General Tips

  • Just a reminder for anyone curious: if you find random locked boxes with exclamation points they are rewards for NCPD missions. You would just need to find the mission that coorelates with that box in order to open it.
  • Updating your keybinds so that you are using Hold for run instead of Toggle will make your life a lot easier if you’re a stealth-style character. Having the toggle is janky because if you don’t press it on time before walking up to an enemy to knock out you’ll have to reposition yourself to reset the prompt.
  • Reloading saves resets NPC schedules. This can be a useful tool for those who prefer to take the stealthy approach. (Just hit F5 before a potential encounter and reload the quicksave)
  • Using the environment to kill your enemies while stealth may immediately put you in combat (this applies especially to hacking cars and using them as weapons), even if you’re hiding now everyone knows where you are. Consider this option carefully if you prefer the stealthy approach.
  • Toggle walk will prohibit you from sprinting while in crouch. You need to make sure toggle walk is off when crouching if you intend to use your Ninjitsu perk because you can’t toggle it off while crouched.
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