Cyberpunk 2077 – Smart Weapons: Easiest Weapon for Noobs

Smart Weapons Tips

There’s a cyber implant that Wakako gives you very early on that lets you start using smart weapons. So focus on getting that ASAP after the prologue and the first rescue mission.

Build high Intelligence for the far right perks of that tree, which relate to smart weapons, and then whichever trait corresponds to the style of smart weapon you want to use (Cool for pistols, revolvers, precision, snipers or reflexes for assault rifles and SMGs). The perks on the far left of each of those trees relate to those weapon types.

You probably also want some points in Body or Technical ability to let you get through some closed doors either by hacking them or breaking them open. I’d probably go with Body, because then you can use smart shotguns as an alternate weapon.

So it should look something like this:

  1. Intelligence – with far right perks for smart weapons
  2. 1 of Cool or Reflexes (depending on which type of gun you want) – either one, the far left perks are for the guns.
  3. Body (or Technical ability) get this to 10 or so earlier than later, but after that prioritize maxing out the top two attributes. – Middle perks for health regen and far left perks for shotguns
  4. Ignore the remaining two attributes.

Smart Weapons go well with hacking, since they’re both in the Intelligence tree. So I assume you would keep a quick hack OS, but if you want to play more of a run and gun, you could swap to a Sandi OS (if you do this, I’d go reflexes for your second attribute).

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