Cyberpunk 2077 – Console Commands to Add Health and Carry Capacity (Update 2.0)

How to Add Health and Carry Capacity

Found a way to add health and carry capacity along with stamina regen and ram regen permanently.

// Carry Capacity - 2 per add
// Health - Random? (1 to 5 for me)
// RAM recovery - 1% per add
// Stamina recovery - 1% per add
Game.AddToInventory("Items.AirdropPermaReward", 1) 
Game.AddToInventory("Items.PermanentHealthFood", 1) 
Game.AddToInventory("Items.PermanentMemoryRegenFood", 1) 
Game.AddToInventory("Items.PermanentStaminaRegenFood", 1) 

I really hope you find this useful.

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  1. Thank you for this. Been trying to get carry capacity up. I like to have all my items on my in the game because Im a hoarder.

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