Dyson Sphere Program – New Player Tips

Tips for Beginners

You can build malls, but you don’t have to go crazy about them. Just mass-produce wind turbines, belts, sorters, and other common items is sufficient. Build once-off buildings like water pumps, oil wells and such by hand.

Don’t create large buffers; restrict the storage sizes to what you actually need. There is critical research called “veins utilization” which you want to level up as far as you can before you deplete resources too quickly.

Build production lines east/west and not north/south.

Build most of your stuff near the equator and save the poles for ray receivers, solar panels, or circular designs: say, EM launchers taking solar sails from a ring belt or another ring belt moving missiles around to missile turrets.

You can unlock blueprints very early, it used to be just 100 circuit boards but now i think you need to attain meta data amount first, blueprints are item counted ( as in one sorter is one item) at first so you will only be able to blueprint item amounts that you have researched so far ( it goes up to unlimited). This is a very powerful tool as every planet is the same dimension. The tech tree (upgrades) section works from left to right for most tech and there is one for blueprints.

Build most stuff near the equator and east/west, unlock blue prints they save you a ton of time. Use proliferators, they are cheap and help speed things up early. Have a small mall making belts and other items you always are using. You can lower a storage containers storage so it doesn’t get filled if you are tight on resources.

Mine your gas giant as early as you can, you will want the transport research it requires anyway.

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