BattleBit Remastered – Which Class to Choose

What Is Your Class Tier List and Why

It’s really not that complicated.

Medics and Engineers are the only viable options. Medics having a self-heal makes them OP and can just heal to full after every fight. Engineers have RPGs which can get 3+ kills in a single shot, kill people through walls, blow apart cover, and kill vehicles (eventually).

Support is…meh. Their ammo drop is useful but most players die too quickly to make use of it and it’s not useful for restocking rockets much. You’re better off calling a care package if you have points spare or finding one around. Their armour is alright, but rarely a game changer.

Assault has minor stat increases that don’t really matter.

And Recon is for people too scared to engage in real gunfights and so sits in spawn being annoying but not contributing much to their team.

When compared to self-healing, and a rocket launcher, the other options just have nothing that stands out.

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