Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde – Useful Tips

Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Tip #1 (Very Important)

Each weapon can get 25 levels total before it maxes out and you cannot get more levels in it. Keep in mind that there are way more than 25 possible levels in each weapon.

Example: Orbital Fire choices (once mods are unlocked)

  • Rotation Speed (10 possible levels)
  • Damage per tick (20 possible levels)
  • Size (10 possible levels)
  • Flame Dragon (5 possible levels: requires level 10 of the ability in the run to unlock if you have the mod unlocked)
  • Multi-Blaze (2 possible levels: requires level 22 of the ability in the run to unlock if you have mod unlocked in the D-web)

So that adds up to 47 possible Orbital fire levels!

But you can only get 25 of them! So if you want a really big orbital fire with great damage you might go extreme and do 10 size, 15 damage per tick.

Or you might want to go for super fast and small with Flame dragon once you get it and go 10 speed, 5 Flame Dragon, and 10 in damage per tick.

This system is cool as it allows different people to make each ability different depending on your preferences. It is also VERY important to consider this when doing ledger quests. If the ledger quests require specific mods to be specific levels, if you miss the mods before you get level 25 of the skill you will fail the ledger challenges.

Example: If ledger challenge wants level 25 orbital fire with level 2 Multi-Blaze, and level 5 Flame Dragon, be sure to start thinking about getting those levels in Flame Dragon as soon as Orbital Fire hits level 10, then make sure you keep an eye on your level so that when it hits level 22 you scoop up the 2 levels in Multi-Blaze to secure the ledger challenge win! (re-rolling skills is your friend in ledger mode this brings us to Tip 2)

Tip #2

Don’t sit still go out and explore the maps for lots of loots! This game has a ton of loot to go out and hunt for. There are different tiers of pet cages (make sure to unlock pets in the D-web asap when you start) and ore nodes, and treasure chests and shops.

  • When you go into a shop it will d-spawn but do not worry! Another shop will spawn somewhere else as soon as you leave that shop.
  • The more money you have the more you can re-roll to get the upgrades and pets that you want or need! So explore as much as possible in the run.
  • Use the re-roll for pets and skills often! It really helps!

Tip #3

My recommendation is to not sleep on vines! (or other CC skills) For new players Vines might seem under powered but once you play a bit more, you will see that Vines become AMAZING! It is VERY reliable slow and if you make it big you can walk in them to have relative safety in most situations!

Tip #4

The ability Jinn is actually not just a damage ability, it is also a gigantic LOOT MAGNET! If you get 10 levels on Vile Aura, he becomes a mega loot magnet that scoops up just about everything! Exp in that pesky tree in dark forest? Jinn is on it.

Running for your life in brutal mode? No problem fam, we gots youz. Jinn will scoop up the goodies while you run. Cool with a medium sized loot magnet on Jinn? Skip Vile Aura and go straight for attack size and range and he becomes a ultra powered boss killer. Jinn has great options and is really fun to use!

Tip #5

Having a tough time? Get Scoop and Hearty pets! Scoop is VERY underrated as a pet in this game. He digs up random things, one of those things are hearts. Once you get him leveled up a but in a run he will help fund your run, keep you alive, and give you meta progression currency. Win Win Win!

Hearty gives you hearts so yeah that is great. And if you use those two on HUGO…well you will see.

Tip #6

Use your ultimate abilities often. Each character has ultimate abilities that fill up slowly (some not so slowly). So use them to turn the tide in your favor! (space bar or right click on mouse/key board), on Xbox controller X button, B button on Switch Pro Controller)

This also leads to making sure you find your favorite character. I for instance am a Maxine Main. I just love her. She is VERY fast, but VERY hard for new players.

Magnus is very new player friendly as he gets health back easily. Conrad is slow, but tanky and Mcdiggins…has…two…ferret pet thingies in his mine cart. (yes they have a guy in a mine cart with ferrets and a playable character. Someone finally did it!) Find the character that does it for you and you will go far! (I highly recommend Magnus and Shakpana for new players)

Tip #7

If you are crushing the game and want to feel the burn? Try Hardcore Mode! If you die once you are dead forever and your file is DELETED! (No seriously don’t do it!!….unless you really want to…MWHAAHAH!)

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