Starship Troopers: Extermination – Tips to Level Up Fast

So, some things some of the veteran players probably know but maybe will help players who have recently got into the game.

Fast Levelling Tips

I am going to go over the correct way to level quickly and perhaps a bit of an exploit.

Let’s start with exp gain.

You get exp for the following:

  • 1 exp for killing a drone/warrior.
  • 5 or 20 exp (can’t remember exactly) for killing a gunner.
  • 50 exp for killing a tiger
  • 100 exp for killing a grenadier.
    • Note: you don’t have to actually get the kill, but at least assist in the kill. You’ll know because it will pop up with a kill marker.
  • 20 exp for a teammate resupply off of your ammo station.
  • 20 exp for a revive.
  • 10 exp for a heal.

I’m sure i’m missing some, feel free to correct me on any numbers or any additional exp income.

Best way to earn exp in game, the correct way

  1. Get kills on special bugs. each kill on a grenadier is equal to 100 kills on drones. No brainer.
  2. Lay out supports such as resupplies and heals.
  3. Spread your shots.

Note: this is to level up quicker. These tips are not always the way you should play to have the best impact on the team. If everyone spreads their shots on as many enemies and no one finishes the kills, you can see where issues may arise. I’m telling you how to level, not win.).

Exp exploit: Useful for only support and hunter. Bastion must level the way that it supposed to be done.

Exploit must be done with a friend, I think.

  1. Run the resupply utility.
  2. Find the first bunker that spawns the resupply ammo crate. You need to be able to resupply your utility.
  3. Lay down you resupply drops, grab more, and lay em down again. rinse and repeat.
  4. Your teammate shoots one shot, fill up on ammo using your resupply drop, shoots another shot, and do it again. Rinse and repeat.

You get 20 exp for every time your teammate uses your resupply. So 80 exp for each resupply you lay down that he uses completely. By shooting and resupplying after each shot (not reload) you can go through a full resupply every 4-5 seconds. That’s equal to 80 kills on drones every 4-5 seconds. Do the math. Unlimited exp.

My friend gained 2 levels in one match, over 3500 exp.

Note: your teammates will hate you, because you are not helping the team at all. You may be friendly fired…been there done that.

Note: In some ways, perhaps the exploit should be fixed, but I really like the idea of being able to earn exp through support actions, rather than just kills.

Last tips for noobs

  1. You can put the ore canister on your back if you’re an operator.
  2. Don’t stand under the red smoke, no matter what they tell you….been there done that.
  3. Instead of grabbing the rocket without thought…pull out your pistol and then pick up the rocket. It’ll replace the pistol instead of your main gun (I went quite a while without knowing that.).

I hope this has been helpful.

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