ZERO Sievert – Tips to Make the Game Easier

Ways to Make the Game Easier

First of all not all of this map is your enemy, don’t even thingking shoot Green Army in early game they not at your level.

I’m recomended you my strategy:

  1. Chose equipment 3, you will get 2 medkit, 4 bandage, 2 First Aid, 2 bottle of water, 1 cup of tea, 1 can food, 3 bread, 1 school bag, 1 bulletproof vest, 1 PU Scope, 1 PM Makarov (pistol), 1 Mosin Nagant (sniper), 120 pistol bullet, and 40 sniper bullet. I’m recomended this because Mosin Nagant + PU Scope is best sniper weapon you can get in early game, chose to long range battle not close. + Snipe a normal bandit have chace like 80% they die in 1 bullet.
  2. Oh yeah, don’t get all in your bag just bough bullet and 1 bottle of water, it’s will be okay as long you carry out my strategy.
  3. Use you pistol and hold right mouse button to look far away, this will help you to enter front of enemy face.
  4. In the early game you must plant in you mind “you want to get out of the forest fast”, so when you drop from train open your map and go to exit area as fast you can. After you found the area you can choose to exit or more little hunting, but remember to not far from exit.
  5. Just hunt Bandit in early, don’t thingking to hunt Loners or Hunters they wasting time to you in early game. But for bandit don’t hunt in village they to strong.
  6. Do this plan until you finish Forest Second Mission (kill bandit and wolf), when you finish take SKS as your reward, so now you can leave pistol and use SKS. just buy the bullet in the vendor if you don’t found free bullet in forest.
  7. Now you have SKS, you can go Sawmill to hunt 6 Bandit, don’t enter the main building except you gun have muzzle.
  8. After have better gear you can start hunting in village, but you must learn. Don’t rush like a boar. Every bandit in there don’t die in 1 hit, they die with 2 snipe and they know to hide so be worry. And their leader Lazar have like rain bullet so just snipe him like 4-5 times.
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