World War Z – Hard Mode Tips for Beginners

Tips to Beat Hard Mode

After each wave finish, you must buy defense kit or other important items which the team need. In hard mode you must work as a team.

Spend your money after each wave either for electric volt, fence, barbwire, auto turret, medkit, ammo box, or soldiers. After you buy items, put them on a predefined location marked with white wireframe and press the action button to install it. You cannot put the defense kit item anywhere you like. Only in predefined position within the game.

The most important lesson is don’t save your money because without support from defense kit, you’ll be dead quick! You don’t bring your money to the afterlife and you don’t get points for being rich! This is a zombie shooter game and not The Sims 4!

  • Medkits, Ammo Boxes and Auto turrets should be Avoided, You should not buy them.
  • Mortars, Electric Fences and Chainsaws Are the primary plan if you want to survive past wave 40 in hard mode.
  • You should have at least 2 fixers for Ammuntion and setting up defences in your team, You should Use Hammer melee weapon because it recharges the nearby defences.
  • You should explore and manage to stay up using spawned health items in the map.
  • Auto Turrets and machine guns are too expensive for their use, only purchase one or two Auto turrets and never place them towards the Horde, use them to cover the back of your post .
  • Fixers can kill team mates in early waves to transfer budget into them so they can buy and place defences.
  • Unlock and Buy tier 3 weapons as soon as possible.
  • You should always be carrying an Electric Fence just in case if any of them runs out.
  • And at least one person in the team alway “Should Save Money” to repair the gate.
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