Ship Graveyard Simulator 2 – Tips to Tear Down Boat Sections

How to Tear Down Boat Sections

Best tip is to complete contracts as priority then claim them immediately (I learnt this the hard way in prologue by forgetting and recycled it away).

Once that is done it is up to how much you want to extract out of the ship.

In a nutshell

  1. Evaluate the contents with scanner (U key). I needed liquids early on for upgrades so it was worth it to get that oil/acid/kerosene.
  2. Cut the big part free, whilst next to it call the crane. If not able it will show what is blocking the way so look up and the sections will highlight red briefly.
  3. Clear carefully & don’t try to bring sections else could destroy it or other cargo.
  4. For me once the cargo is out. I go around cut all bulkheads. You only need to break the outer floors connecting to the hull, don’t forget later ships are three sides(front/rear).
  5. You know when the last connection is removed when it implodes.
  6. This is my own sorting technique but take a break from the game shortly after this. When you are ready to play next it is easier to deal with the cleanup.
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