World War Z – Slasher Tips

Tips for Slasher

  • Use the Tomahawk melee weapon that gives temporary health boost.
  • 60 seconds auto equipment refill perk.
  • Team revive tazer perk.
  • Less damage while performing melee perks.
  • Automatically standing up after being pinned down perk.

Focus extra duration and expanding the targets count of the tazer not its damage, you gotta use the tazer on the bull and team mates mostly and once you stunned the bull its just one hit on his back to finish him off, yes even on hardest difficulty. In emergency situations you can also stun 20 normal zombies in front of you to finish them off or run away.

Don’t get greedy with the equipments and weapons you find on the map, if you have a team mate with different class let them take it first. For example guns and heavy guns are preferable to gunner, medkits for medic, explosives for hellraiser, defense kits for fixer, equipments for drone master and so on. Slasher can run dry on his own most of the time.

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