Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – How to Recruit Non-Story Related Crew Members

Non-Story Related Crew Members Recruiting Guide


Mesh is found dancing on the elevated platform in Brink Terminal after you talk and do his mission he’ll then start skating around the level talk to him then beat him after that he’ll be on the bridge again do his mission then he’s yours.


In Versum Hill there is a character named Rave you first talk to her by meeting her in the subway station after that she will be in the underground mall then along the street outside the hideout.


For Coil you find him in Mataan in a ruined building tucked away further in the level in a corner find him then repet his emote back to him, after that go to the big golden statue and he will call and tell you to find him on the floating island earlier in the level. After you’re done go to the place where the dual paths starts and you will get a call to go to the elephant area when you’re there he’ll be on a roof on the little plaza area zip around the side of the building go up the crane and jump back, he’ll challenge you to a race beat him and he’s yours.


In Millennium Mall you can find Shine in the big flat round food court area do the same dance. Next she’ll be in a enclosed cafe deck area next the the warehouse again dance. Go next door to the record store with a red sign when you enter she will call to tell you to meet her underneath the stairs at the entrence to the room with a stage copy her moves. Now go to the top of the fish area and challenge her so she’ll join your squad.

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