Wall World – How to Deal with the Second Wave

Tips to Deal with the Second Wave

Main Tip

You only need one weapon with upgrades to kill the small enemies. Just get the weakspots with your missile.

Another Tips

Upgrade spooder speed and missile and the 2nd Boss is a joke. The idea of the dashes is kinda nice but unfortunately they are pretty useless cuz you can just outrun the attacks of the boss, then use whatever weapon you want (the machine gun will work just fine) to clear the adds and let rockets kill boss. Takes a few minutes cuz of the high rocket CD but not very hard at least.

Yes, max the ♥♥♥ out of your missle. Thats your primary main DPS for the phase.

Then dont get ANYTHING else except the bomb thrower. Upgrade it to tier 3 (even tier 2 should be enough). Make sure it has wider range + sharpnel + bigger damage.

Also make sure you get speed for your tank. Health is nice but speed is more important. Forgo the cables rocket to go up and down faster. Just get speed.

If you are lucky and got the TOWER turret, you can place 2 turret close to each other ( 2 mines next to each other ). That way you got more DPS to hit.

Then all you do is just spam 1 (missle), and just dodge the bullet hell and spam rocket bombs AOE. If you done right, you barely get a scratch but if you do, you can stock up 35 emerald should be enough.

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