Wall World – Tips to Find Blueprints

How to Find Blueprints

Seems the blueprints are tied to cave-type. So once you get all the ones in the easy caves, you have to reach the ends of the labyrinthine harder ones (Ice/Lava/hemotite/etc). Even then it’s a stupidly low chance, since you got a 50% of a reward room, then a 33% chance of that room having a BP. So it’s like a 16% chance. And given some of those caves fall into the “huge” category, it can take a 1/3 of your entire run to search just one.

To find all of them you need to explore every cave type an find a very VERY large cave. You have to core out all the way to the back wall and they are usually somewhere around the top right of the cave wall. Some of them are SO far back that you need to max out the stealth plates just to reach them before a wave.

They do not RNG spawn either, you have to go to another cave type to get the new blueprint, this includes both the up and down routes of the mountain. If you get a upgrade chip in a blueprint room, it means you already got all the blueprints in that biome and need to move further up or down the wall.

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