Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society – Advice for the Uru Dungeon Boss Fights

Tips to Beat the Uru Dungeon Boss

  • When going through your skills, make sure you equip anything you have that resists mud; that mud attack is her strongest ability. Also check your equipment and see if there’s anything you can equip that gives good mud resistance; the “Optimize” function is pretty dumb, it is worth manually checking everybody’s equipment to make sure you really have the best items equipped.
  • Also consider looking through your other pacts and see if you have any donum that increases mud resistance; it might help to transfer that on to one of the pacts you’re using and use it.
  • You don’t actually need the Destruction Pact until the next fight, so consider swapping it out for a pact that is actually good. If you die in the next fight, you’ll be able to restart from there, you don’t have to fight this boss again.
  • Make sure you use Reinforce Haste, and spam Reinforce Offense on every attacking unit every round. If you go in with full RF, you should have more than enough that you’ll kill her before you run out.
  • Assuming you’ve got a coven dedicated to stunning, make sure they equip skills to increase their action speed, use donum on them to increase it further, and have them use Deactivate Limiter at the beginning of the fight. They should frequently be able to stun her before she can act.

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