Brotato – How to Deal with Ranged Enemy Spam

Tips to Deal with Ranged Enemy Spam

The main place this is a concern is Wave 14 specifically, which has a high number of Spawners. Do what you can to contain them for the first half of the wave – whenever you kill a Spawner (they move slowly and don’t do anything, look a bit like a wet sock), they will spawn 3 of the bullet spitting jerks. Try to position so you can take out the spawns before the run away.

You’ll almost never be able to do this perfectly, but paying some attention to it will help it not get too far out of hand, then you can usually just kinda dodge in a corner for the last 10-15 seconds and be okay. (Build dependant, of course; massive bounces or turrets will pop the Spawners outside of your control, but will also have the benefit of often sniping the bullet spitters on the other side of the map too.

Certain weapons are more helpful, e.g. Explosive, Bounce (Shuriken/Slingshot) or Piercing (Shotgun).

In general if you’re having problems try to stack up armor and dodge, additional healing through more trees and don’t neglect damage.

If youre melee, you need healing, armor and max hp. By wave 13-15 or so you should be able to run into mobs head on and never worry. When the Spawners start appearing I literally dont care, more money and xp.

Dodge is pretty bad compared to armor, dont invest in it unless the class is built for it.

If there is bullet hell you dont have enough DPS.

When there are multiple bullets on screen it’s better to focus on your character.

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