Titan Quest Anniversary Edition – How to Deal with Alastor

I went into the fight confident that it would hard but doable… Oh how I was mostly wrong! I am a Ranger build using spears and summons so Alot of Physical Damage and not much else.

How to Beat Alastor

First time I went to fight him I couldn’t even get him down by 10% of his health.

My Strategy was a follows:

  • Kiting the Hell out of him. His biggest threats are his Mage Summons that will slow you, Ice attack that will slow you, and his constant AOE around him. You have to keep moving when using melee at all times or keep at him with range options.
  • Use the Zeus Relic/Charm or another MP Draining effect. His summons are tied to him having the MP to summon them. No more MP, Much Lower chance he will be able to summon.
  • Get some type of Elemental Damage. He has High resistants to physical damage, I have found personally Lighting or Fire work best but Cold will still do the job.
  • Don’t use Summons. Sounds hypocritical from me but don’t waste your MP on them. All they will do is run into Alastor and die in seconds do to his AOE or kill one of his summons you have been kiting causing to re-summon them again.
  • Melee Characters use Hit and Run. I know i said to kite him but you can not stay in melee with him for long periods unless you want to shotgun 10+ potions to stay in there and will be lucky to get a single hit in with his summons out without suddenly losing half your health. Best advice to deal damage is to run at Alastor and use an ability attack to deal “High” damage then quickly start to kite until the cool down is over.
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