The Outlast Trials – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

I’d highly recommend playing solo before trying to play in a group. When I was brand new I was placed in a group that was just running ahead of me doing all the stuff while I was still just figuring out where I need to go and what to do, and them doing that made things way harder to figure out. It was my biggest mistake early on.

It wasn’t until I tried it solo after that I started getting a feel for objectives and layouts.

Other smaller tips is if you need to get through a door with a trap quickly, crouch to avoid the trap.

Enemies are really dumb in the dark. As long as you are crouching and not right next to them they aren’t going to notice you so no need to be extra cautious.

While crouched doing little crouch hops lets you move quicker without alerting enemies as easily. It’s a good way to not alert enemies as easily before the point in the game you can get the noise reduction amp.

Avoid actually hiding in designated hiding spots. It’s nearly always a waste of time and more likely to get caught by an enemy than just crouching in the middle of a dark room, or just running and putting a lot of doors between you and the enemy. Too many new players fall into the trap of camping inside a locker/trashcan/under a desk or whatever. and it’s one of the easiest tells that someone is new to the game since most people at higher levels don’t even touch hiding spots.

Don’t invest in the Xray rig. It’s the most useless rig in the game. Instead get into the habit of pinging an enemy with your middle mouse button to get an idea of their general area when out of your sightline. Blindness, healing and stun all have better use. Get one of those. Blindness is especially useful in solo play so I’d recommend getting that one first. Playing kill the snitch can be a bit painful the first time trying it without one at the end. It’s a useful crutch though try not to get overly reliant on it, as I’ve seen people who can’t seem to function without it when playing modes that disable rigs.

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