The Outlast Trials – Stay Together Tips

When playing with randoms, communication can be tough. Here are some tips for both newbies and pros.

Advice to Stay Together

Listen for audio cues indicating you’re drifting from teammates. Weird whooshing noises mean you’re getting too far. If you stray too much, your ESOPs will zap you, and you can’t do objectives.

Keep an eye on your team. Don’t rush ahead without checking if they’re with you. If they’re going a different way, follow them to avoid damage.

Equip top-tier rigs and amps. Bad gear hurts your team. Stun and Heal rigs are great. Avoid X-ray. For amps, go for Noise Reduction, Strong Arm, or others from the third category. Weekly rules might force specific loadouts.

Use mics or pings. Communication is key. If you can’t talk, use pings. Even if you speak different languages, pings help coordinate movements.

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