Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Where to Find the Rooster Ring

How to Get the Rooster Ring


WuXian Mountain (mountain top) towards the South West region, walk towards the cliff with the group of people arguing.


20 Str OR 20 Con OR 20 ropes + 100 Stamina to access.


Recommended to kill off that group of people to obtain a purple armour recipe upon entry, you’ll get -20 trustworthy if you don’t share the spoil after accessing the location.


Actually, the most important part about that area is that you should have items to recover stamina and that you shouldn’t signal the others.

After you go down, use items to recover stamina and check your surroundings. You can cut down a tree to gain access to a place that you can excavate and where you’re gonna find a legendary inner manual and a legendary recipe.

If you alert the others, they’re gonna destroy the excavation site and the manual and the recipe will be lost.

Ah, by the way, I said you should use items to recover stamina because, if you meditate, the others are gonna come there before you can excavate.

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