Killing Floor 2 – How to Beat HoE Solo

Tips to Beat HoE Solo

Almost every perk can handle Solo.

But if we talk about objectives i prefer medic with healthrower (especially if you need to escort a drone).

Medic genades and HMTech grenade rifle for later waves is a key for victory.

As for etiquette..well, here is a few things:

  1. Don’t kill weak Zeds if you see when Commando kills them, a competent player is able to make a longer Zed times, which will be extremely beneficial to the whole team.
  2. Do not play as Firebug in front of Sharpshooter. Fire prevents him from aiming and besides, a large amount of fire also affects to fps.
  3. When playing as a Demo do not take Destroyer of the Worlds, because of the nuclear bombs (mushrooms) which makes a screen shake, which also prevents experienced players to aim.
  4. If you can pick up a dead player’s weapon, take it to the Trader and give it to the player who lost it when he died.
  5. If possible, share the money.
  6. If you play as Medic, don’t take Combat skills if you play with other players. Your main task is healing others.

In general i would say the difficulty decrease like 2-3-4-5-6-1

1 player is easiest, 2 & 3 player most difficult to play.

For hoe singleplayer you should be lv25 and know the map you want to play, also note that there are max count of active ZEDs is 12. Use these 12 to your advantage. Also note that the teleport feature of ZED don’t work for big ones, so while crawler might teleport right behind the next wall to stop your kite, this will never happen with big zeds.

For multiplayer hoe i would say everything you need is common sense, there is no high complexe coop thinking necessary for hoe. The teams who fail do this because they made serious mistakes, like raging multiple big ones with fire, not healing as medic, not defending as zerk, stealing weapons and/or money, all these basic non-coop things.

Just do what’s good for the team (what’s also good for you), that’s everything, including obvious things like: play on a difficult right for your time/skill/experience, play on a server with low enough ping, use a perk that fits to the current team (e.g. no second commando) and so on.

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