Jagged Alliance 2 – Wildfire – Starter Tips

Tips and Tricks for Newbies

  • Be quiet when you search enemies in sector.
  • Don’t waste too much bullets during fights.
  • Don’t waste too much health during fights.
  • Take cover – it make difference (but don’t stay in cover for too long).
  • Try to take good position which have good viewpoint.
  • The more you use certain weapon, the more accurate you will become with it later.
  • Don’t underestimate your enemy.
  • In lying down position your firing will be more accurate, but your movement will be limited and will cost too much AP (action points).
  • If you have grenade (especially stun or HE) and there is couple of enemies near your mercs, throw it near those enemies. This will give you little time advantage.
  • Wildfire is much more difficult than vanilla JA2 (especially for newcomers) if you new to it, then try vanilla JA2 first.
  • If you will beat Wildfire, then you can try to beat JA2 1.13 on hard difficulty.
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