The Last Starship – Fleet Guide


Players fleets of multiple ships are still in very early stages of development. Players can purchase empty ship vessels at Shipyards and must build the usual necessary systems.

Ships in the player’s fleet will always be in the same star system and travel through hyperspace together on a shared FTL Drive. So long as each ship has a functioning thruster to align a jump, it can always move to a different star system.

This is useful if vital items or resources are needed but unavailable in the Trade screen. Ships cannot be sold or removed from the fleet. To be rid of an unwanted ship, the player must target and destroy it or allow it to be destroyed by hostiles.

When purchasing items for a ship, it is essential to ensure that the actively selected ship is the one that should receive the items being purchased.

Similarly, before accepting delivery or transport contracts, the player must select the ship that should carry the contract items or civilians. Resources, items, and population cannot be transferred between ships, so players must sell extra items, switch to the desired ship, and then repurchase them on the Trade screen.

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