The Last Flame – How to Deal with Ethereal Damage

Explanation of Ethereal Damage

Ethereal Damage are from power passive and burn. It’s commonly show as cyan color.

For exemple there, the purple mushroom has a native passive,it give 25% ethereal amplification and it make him deal 1 damage for each debuff on the target on attack, multiply by your ethereal amplification.

There are items that make you deal 10 or 20 (can’t remind) ethereal damage per summon on board on each attack.

Some spell can use it too, applying the on attack or take the damage amply of etereal amplification. it’s mention in the spell.

Then you have the burn: every attack (not spell) the enemy receive 1 ethereal damage for each stack of burn, for exemple if it has 10 stack of burn then you deal 10 ethereal damage and it work for everybody. note the damage is amplified by ethereal amplification so if you 100% then instead of dealing 10 you’ll deal 20 but only for the heroes with ethereal amplification.

And burn also give ethereal amplification on you other ethereal damage (not the burn) i don’t remind if it’s 1,5% or 3%.

For the exemple let’s say 3% / stack.

So final exemple my purple mushroom guy, hit an enemy with 20 stacks of burn.

He has 25% ethereal amplification through his passive, and inflict 1 damage per debuff stack.

Burn give 1 damage per stack and 3% of ethereal amplification for other ethereal damage.

His passive will deal (1(base passive damage) * 20 (number of debuff on target) * ((25% ethereal amplification from passive) +(20 (stack of burn) *3%)

  • Basicaly 20*1.85 = 37
  • And 20 from burn stack * 25% from the passive
  • 20*1.25 = 25
  • For a total of 62 on each attack.

It should work like this.

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