The Last Flame – Useful Tips for Levelling

Levelling Tips

Doing a balanced comp (as in having one of each, magical, physical, tank etc) isn’t necessarily good. Depending on what relics and origins you get it might be better to go all in on one thing (ie. crit, spell power, attack power, shielding, whatever).

From my experience having beaten last difficulty a few times now, the base should be to have at least two characters capable of being in front. Doesn’t have to be what the game says is a tank (because lots of them are not actually good tanks lol), some non-tank characters are amazing at tanking like the pirate lady because she heals a lot and being in the front will mean she uses her ability a lot. But pretty much any character with a few defensive items can be a front liner at the start. Always ensure you place them so they have the maximum aggros on the round startup.

On higher levels of difficulty you definitely need a strategy for simply surviving. It can be being Extremely powerful and just wiping the map in an instant (almost impossible), or having a good healer or a mean to generate shields. It doesn’t have to be healing all your team or shielding all your team but at least your front liners so your damage dishers have a time to ramp-up and do their job.

At the start of the run try to get a bit of defense and a bit of offense before hard focusing one thing. Those few +Max HP and those few bits of Spell Power or Attack Powers actually go a long way at the start. Also, I would advice getting a camp as soon as possible. Origins are VERY powerful and can easily define your whole run. I had a run where the Origin was giving my whole team 225 defense, and another where everyone in my team got +300 Spell Power. It can get very crazy.

Aside from that, it still boils down to being lucky to what you get and making the best out of it, which will naturally come with game knowledge. Also, I would suggest trying everything, even things that look bad on paper. Some heroes are absolutely *** crazy when properly built while just reading their abilities they feel really lack luster.

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  1. i think you need to build your tank in a better way, don’t sleep on spell power for them and healing receive. your tank should be the first full build and lvl 4 before act 2 boss will definitly help a lot to farm trophies with flawless victory. Don’t stick to armor + health, you’ll save flame for not rerolling to get that item you are looking,

    you can tank with lifesteal and damage, Elios and xz-09 are good at it, damage/armor/health/attack speed with both with native lifesteal make them really good tank too.

    For exemple
    -Atreos (the dragon) has a good spell, good damage, aoe, gain 100 armor and 3 burn. has mana regen, just stack health, spell power with some spell leech and healing power. and every time he cast, heal back to full life and deal good damage.
    Mana reduction to cast more often is good too and mana regen. you don’t really need armor since he gain 100 for 3 second after casting.

    -ruhn (the electric golem) his passive is really good, everytime he gain a shield he heal 3% of his max health, viking shield make him almost unkillable, everytime he get hit gain shield and armor, and shield give him 3% of his health back, add some healing power and lot of health, you can easly selfhealing over 300 hp every hit take without insane synergy.

    i hope it help you for the tanky side of your problem.

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