Death Stranding Director’s Cut – Useful Tips and Tricks

The thing I like about this game is that it is really based on decision making and thoughtful planning, it’s rewarding to see all the time put into preparing pay out in a SS rank for a delivery. Some of my top tips for the game, specially when you are starting are very simple.

Tips and Tricks

Draw the path you are going to be travelling in

A lot of people usually forget use the way point markers to point where the path is going to take them, you can take advantage of this tool to prepare all the equipment that you are going to need, specially if you use the right analog stick to see the different heights of the terrain ahead and specially for trickier deliveries (Another tip for this is to see where other porters have travelled to maybe find another route you had not thought about).

Always have a backup equipment

Every porter has been in a situation where just one more ladder could have made the delivery way easier than it was, that is why it is important to always bring a spare set of equipment “just in case” in my experience, an extra ladder and an extra set of climbing ropes should be enough to get you out of any unexpected terrain.

Use all the space you are given

The things you can carry are not limited by the space in your backpack, Sam’s suit has several different attachments for different parcels or equipment that you may use, a good example of this is the boot hanger that the backpack has in which you can store 2 extra pairs of working boots, just in case that you forgot to bring some and yours were looking torn, later down the line you will also get access to utility pouches for the backpack, in which you will be able to expand the use that your backpack has!

Pick up any materials that you can

During your deliveries, you will be able to find 2 types of packages in the world: lost packages and material cases, the lost packages are a good way to get extra points for your delivery score and a nice challenge to add to your current delivery, but material cases should be prioritised, material cases have lots of different uses, from being able to contribute to building a road, to making the valuable equipment that you need, to even being able to knock a MULE out in a satisfying swipe (hold a package on your right hand when you do this, remember, Sam is right handed) material cases are tougher than your average package and are easier and more useful, so if you can spare the space and weight, go for it.

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