The Hunter: Call of the Wild – Tips for Newcomers

Useful Tips for Newcomers

Don’t waste your money on scent eliminator, at least not now. It is useful, to be sure, but honestly, if you watch your wind cone in the HUD, and avoid having the wide part of the green triangle face the animals you are stalking, you’ll be fine. Even with scent elim., you will still be detected by some animals, esp. the higher scoring ones. Think of it as a nice perk, but try to learn to hunt without it as in the long-run you’ll be better off.

As a beginner, don’t worry about trophies, Great Ones, and all that. Those things will come in time, but focus instead on just learning to stalk and take good shots (body shots from the side, near the front legs, so you hit the lungs). Try to get within 150 meters for now (medium range). Your “job” at the beginning is really just to learn how to find and shoot the animals without too much trouble.

If you want to make money, do the missions. They pay well, and will teach you the basics quickly. If you get bored with them, stop and just hunt and go back to them later. In the base game, turkeys, red deer (including females), and foxes all pay well. If you want to jump into multiplayer or own the DLCs, pigs pay fairly well. Ducks on Revantuli Coast (the islands on the southern end) are really good, but you’ll need to get callers, set up blinds, with decoys, etc., and all that does take some investment.

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