Battle Brothers – Frenzied Hyena Tips

How to Deal with Frenzied Hyena

Spearwall is very effective against them (and other masses of beasts) with mastery, and so it’s well worth considering Spear Mastery on (e.g.) a shield tank or as a secondary mastery on a ranged character with QH.

It’s hard (but not impossible) to get above 130 initiative (and thus be immune to their overwhelming) on your own characters. A more reliable and stat-saving approach is to have many characters who have fairly high initiative who also use weapons/skills that can lower enemy initiative (e.g. 2H hammers/maces for Stagger/Daze, polearms for Stagger, or just throwing nets).

That way, you can engage lots of hyenas with a small number of defensive characters, so that only a few hyenas are able to engage your offensive characters and in a highly surrounded position at that (thus helping to negate any Overwhelms they apply initially), and then your offensive characters can apply initiative debuffs to several hyenas per turn, so that most of the nearby hyenas on each turn end up being behind your attackers in the turn order, unable to apply Overwhelm, and likely to be killed before they get the chance to apply many bleeds.

Alternatively, just having several offensive characters with the Adrenaline perk (and enough fatigue to use it for 3 consecutive turns) will achieve the same sort of thing as above (without needing specific weapons/skills to lower enemy initiative).

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