The Hunter: Call of the Wild – Ammunition: Penetration vs Expansion

Ammunition: Penetration vs Expansion

Expansion bullets make the animal bleed more and faster but the lack of penetration means it will only hit one organ and you will have to be careful to avoid the bones. This means it’s imperative to have a good angle/view when using expansion bullets.

Penetration bullets don’t do as much damage on impact but they can pierce through bone and several organs at once, which is more lethal than any damage done with an expansion round. Polymer rounds are ideal for one-hit kill shots via brain, spine or heart.

The downside of polymer tips is that they need to hit multiple organs to be effective. If you mess up and hit only one organ, the animal won’t die as quickly because penetration rounds weren’t design for trauma damage like expansion rounds.

Polymer/Penetration tips are better 90% of the time and that’s why they cost more money and take longer to unlock; it’s a progression thing. You go through less effective material before you can use better stuff.

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