Street Fighter 6 – How to Fix D3D Error

Solutions for D3D Error

I managed to fix it, but I didn’t know which step I did fix it so I’m going to dump them here.

  • Update your OS. use sfc scannow to look up for any issues.
  • Disable windows firewall/windows defender completely.
  • Disable windows game mode and game bar. I like them, but in most cases they are the culprit as majority of gaming community says so.
  • Turning off every game overlay you have. I was only using steam and amd, but many people have discord and many people won’t care about it’s overlay. just turn all of them off.
  • Use -dx11 argument on the game, from steam.
  • Go to game’s exe, and run it administrator, disable fullscreen optimizations and run it on windows 7 compatibility mode.
  • Uninstall any other video codecs you have. also, uninstall every video players you have, unless it’s from windows.
  • If you have any other dlls on your game folder, like reshade or dlc unlockers, remove them.
  • Clear at least 100gb of space on drive where your windows have been installed.
  • Use ddu in safe mode to remove your gpu drivers. full install most recent one.
  • Disable any enchancement features that your gpu driver offers – like anti-lag from amd, in my case.
  • When boot up your game, go to main menu and turn on shader compliation. wait around 20~ minutes to finish them.

This is how I fixed, more or less. I played for 2 hours and never crashed. hope it works for you.

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