Street Fighter 6 – Tips for Combo Controls

Tips for C Controls

  1. Go through the character guide in the game. Also do the tutorial to learn the basic mechanics if you haven’t already. World Tour mode is an excellent resource as well for helping you learn the fundamentals.
  2. Find 1 or 2 simple bread and butter combos online. Drill in training as needed to get comfortable with them. Keep it simple (like 1-2 hits into special kind of simple).
  3. Start playing against players. Do a set of 5-10 matches. Don’t worry about whether you win or lose.
  4. Watch the replays afterwards. Look for what you were doing that was working and where you could stand to improve. Look for patterns in your own play that are hurting you (Are you getting low poked a lot? Are they jumping in on you a lot? Are you struggling to start your offense?). Put together a plan to overcome those patterns.
  5. Get back in there, putting your plan to the test. Make adjustments as needed. Search online or post here if you’re stuck and not sure what to do.

Once you feel you’ve put your weakness behind you from step 4, go back to watching replays and look for another area to improve. Once you feel like your bread and butters are coming out clean every match, develop new, more complex combos to help you maximize your touches.

If your plans just won’t come together, lower the stakes. Play Arcade for a while and practice executing there, or go into the training room and set up the dummy to help you with your plan.

This approach will help you develop your own style at a pace comfortable for you and help you improve in the myriad different skills required to be proficient in fighting games beyond just execution.

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  1. Start by learning a single combo that can be used from an easy to hit opening. Either off a low punch/kick or a jump-in is usually a good start. Practice that one until you can execute it at least 50% of the time when under pressure. Test against AI as needed.

    Then just start playing against people. From there it will quickly become clear what you have a hard time dealing with. Then go back to the lab and work on solutions to those situations. But learn one thing at a time, and give yourself a chance to integrate it into real gameplay before adding more on to it.

    And props for asking for help and trying to improve, rather than cry about how unfair everything is. That is the sign of a player with the potential to get good.

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