Amnesia: The Bunker – Cheats

How to Cheat (Debug Menu)

The debug menu for games can be obtained by:

  • Go to Documents\My Games\Amnesia The Bunker\Main
  • Open the file xxxxx_user_settings.cfg by Notepad.
  • Find the <Main> section and add this command:

It must look like this:

<Main LoadShaderCache="true" LoadTempFolders="false" FirstGameStart="false" DebugMode="true" GenerateScriptAPI="false" StartLanguage="english.lang" ScreenShotExt="jpg" ForceCacheLoadingAndSkipSaving="true" AutogenerateLangFiles="false" SaveShaderCache="false" LogResources="false" SaveConfig="true" ShowMenu="true" UpdateLogActive="true" ContinueMap="officer_hub.hpm" ContinuePos="" />
  • Start the game now, and press F1 to access the debug (cheat) menu.

Cheat Commands (Menu)

  • GodMode – Obviously, immortality mode.
  • Spectator Cam – Free camera mode.
  • Player->Cam – Teleport you to the cam position.
  • Graphics Debug – If you want to make the game lighter.
  • Item Spawning – Whatever you need!
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