Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin – Replayability Tips

You can turn into a killing machine with pretty much any build after you finish the story.

Tips for New Game

If you’d like some tips:

  • For NG and beyond: Stats are better than anything in your gear. If you’re making an int based build. Put INT and SPR in your equipment. Otherwise STR and AGI. In any case, INT/STR should always go in your equipment depending on what build you’re making.
  • These Commands for boss fight: Lunatic, Summon Tachi (and Invisible if you’re struggling).
  • For DLC1+: 2nd best offensive gear effects IMO are effects that get activated Near Death (When your character is about to die). If you get enough affinity for one of the classes (I think it was 400% Death Knight), you can activate these effects all the time. I think it’s possible to make a build like this in NG as well.
  • For DCL2+: You should focus on getting perfect affinity gear (190% affinity equipment so it can be upgraded to 250%) and also learn how the blessing system works either by experimenting in the game or by watching a guide. Blessings are extremely important. Also if you’re playing with NPC companions, I recommend giving them 400% Liberator so they share a fraction of their stats to you (I think they share 25% of their stats this way), also make them tanky so they don’t die all the time.

Once you finish the story the game turns into something that feels like a mix of a roguelite, an old school MMO, and a looter/ARPG like PoE or Diablo.

You unlock the ability to challenge missions at higher and higher levels, so the game turns into a sort of puzzle of progression where you figure out which missions you can challenge at high levels while you’re at a lower level to get better gear, how to quickly and optimally grind up jobs to start to craft builds so that you can challenge higher level content and progress further in the DLC story and do the roguelite stuff. It feels a lot like how if you play an MMO and you reach level cap, you start looking for optimal ways to gear up for raiding or something.

It honestly is super unique. Definitely a different feeling from the base game, and totally not for everyone, but I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Once you complete the third DLC the game also makes build crafting extremely easy (you can customize almost any equipment property, the game introduces a singular universal crafting material so you don’t have to worry as much about grinding lots of different materials, you can duplicate pieces of gear, etc.) so at that point your imagination is the limit basically.

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