PumPum 2 – Lily Tips

Lily with an Y as there is a Lili later on the road.

Tips for Lily

  • The main difficulty is the 5 combos of big yellow gems that need 8 smallers : avoid to use thoses one if you’re not able to do a 8 combos.
  • You want a starting map with 5/6 yellow gems at least: I tried numerous times with less and it was only wasted time.
  • Don’t start with the easy gems combo at the bottom: start at the top and learn how the gems fall around the blocked tiles… This way you will open more possibilities for combo.
  • The dark gems are a pain in this map, as soon as you have 3, combo them to remove them.
  • Use your shuffle wisely : if you cannot achieve your first combo of 8 yellow gems after the first one, you probably want to restart.
  • Don’t forget that you can click on the last form of the gems to remove them from the board.

After Lily the rest of the game is a stroll in the park.

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