Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin – Build for DLC #1

Build Guide

Would say you can still make the framework of the build with all the jobs, combo abilities, and command abilities available to you unlocked.

Where your stats will play a large role in supporting your playstyle until you can find the job affinities you want. So if I’m facing mission level 400 for example, I’m job level 150+ with my master points allocated toward my main offensive stat in Category 1 first. And then I’m using the smithy to change effects on my gear, also with my main offensive stat. But depending on playstyle, also keeping in mind how I’m going to generate MP or how I’m going to survive. Sometimes, the main offensive stat could be the survival stat, but perhaps more restricting in terms of effective options.

Early into the 2nd DLC’s story progression, you’ll gain access to the Fuse feature that will let you move the job affinities around along with any desired weapon abilities and rarer item effects for a price. (More on that later if I don’t forget).

At most for 1st DLC build, would plan around the following:

6 gear slots with no more than 134% job affinity per slot.

Your own job’s master points if it has something of interest.

And while you might have a two-handed weapon that has more than 134% or a shield that adds to it or you have artifacts or you increase the job affinity beyond the 134%, would not factor that in when it is time to draft a Bahamut difficulty build.

For example, let’s say that I wanted a Paladin of the Holy Knight variety – but looking on the job affinity side:

  • Monk 400% across 3 pieces of gear for the max HP to enhance Paladin’s job action and get more effect out of the Sentinel command.
  • Dark Knight 400% across 3 pieces of gear for near death for the Holy Knight’s variation.

And while I’d love Berserker 250%, I can’t it that on without artifacts.

My Paladin’s job affinity from master points doesn’t lend itself too much to what I want, but I may just push that to 160% anyway for the stats.

(Stat allocation of the above, if I were going extra tanky, I might go HP, Stamina, and Spirit. Relying on stat bonus Stamina combo abilities and the Paladin’s job action for offense. With Spirit soul shielding and the forward attack link with physical combo abilities for MP.)

Or let’s say you’re a Berserker using an axe:

  • Dark Knight 400% across 3 pieces of gear for near death.
  • Berserker 250% from master points alone to get near death.
  • Marauder 250% across 2 pieces of gear for the stage 4 axe

And then I have a potential 120% job affinity bonus just dangling out there. Maybe I want to lower my MP costs for now, so let’s say Samurai 120%.

And I would have liked Red Mage 250% to reduce the charge time of my axe, but would have to hope that an artifact with Dark Knight or Marauder had Red Mage on it to make that a possibility. And then the Samurai would go to make room for Red Mage.

(Stat allocation of the above, if wanting to focus on offense somewhat, but still have a way to recover MP and not die to magic attacks, would go Strength, Stamina, Spirit. And then some Category 2 master points would have Near Death Damage Taken and Charge Attack Damage Dealt.

Unless I wanted to focus on break damage and still be somewhat sturdy, then I’d go Stamina, Spirit, Charged Attack Break Damage Dealt. Then the axe combo abilities I use are stat bonus Stamina.)

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