Stellaris – Tips on Early/Mid Defense

Early/Mid Defense

Defensive pacts deter invasion. If you want to go with a non-aggressive diplomatic expansion, sign one early. Your first ally doesn’t have to be nice or likeable. The early defensive pacts are about mutual survival, not ideological agreement.

Keep your fleets near your starbases. In the early game, even an outpost gives you a huge defensive advantage.

Getting steamrolled isn’t the end of the story in this game. Practice patience, be willing to surrender a little territory in the name of the learning experience. If the AI isn’t a “galactic threat” it won’t be able to take all of your territory in one bite, so don’t be afraid to cede a little territory on your frontier in order to get out of a war you don’t want to fight.

Defensive platforms are basically just ships that can’t move. They’re not an efficient investment of resources in the early game unless you have a large alloy surplus.

Soldiers increase your fleet capacity, so build strongholds to supplement the acnchorages in your starbase if you don’t have enough ships. You can lay the soldiers off during peace time then hire them back when you need to gear up your fleet.

Wars are long, let the enemy come to you for a bit first. Once he’s inside your space, cut him off by retaking your frontier starbases. Then hit his fleet where the conditions are favorable to you.

Systems with shield nullification can be really strong terrain if you double up armor in your early corvettes and your enemy is running around with two shields or are using lots of guns instead of lasers.

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